Iranian apples tree has begin to sale for export. If you plan to buy an organic tree apple. Iranian apples tree has the best quality and taste. Iran has mountainous cold regions. For this reason, the apples are taken from the gardens of these areas. They have a delicious taste and taste. Many countries buy red and golden apples from Iran each year. Our company, having large gardens of apple trees, has provided great services to foreign countries. Sorting process is a package of one of the company’s work. So, if you plan to buy Iranian apple for import to foreign countries. Our consultants and experts are ready to provide services.

Iranian apples tree for sale
Iranian apples tree

Providing Iranian apples tree for export:

Iranian apples tree providing for export is easy. But most companies in Iran do not know the export standards. The export tree apple should have a special caliber and a premium quality. Apple’s shelf life is very important for exports. If this is not the case for export of apple trees. The market for this fruit disappears. This company has a lot of experience in this field. It knows well which apple areas in Iran have export quality. And also the company has a large refrigerator. And it performs the process of packing and packaging there.

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