Iranian best gala apple buying each year, it has grown from foreign customers. Gala apple, like red and golden delicious apple, has a high production rate in Iran. This apple is very good for the body. For this reason, most customers choose this apples for purchase. Iran as an Apple Galla producer, exports more than 1000 tons per year to different countries.

Iranian best gala apple buying
gala apple

Gala apple production Iran areas:

There are many gala apple production Iran areas. Areas such as Shahrood, Urmia, Zanjan are the areas where these apples produced. The high quality of gala apple has made it a lot to be exported to foreign countries each year.

An gala apple tree whose color is reddish-pink, it is type of summer apple Iran, which annually removes a considerable amount gardens and marketed.

Gala apple Exports:

Exports of Gala apple to neighboring and European countries. After harvesting the garden, we store it in a refrigerator, then we pack it in a durable, boxed carton.

In addition to Apple Gala, Golden and Red delicious apple also have good customers in foreign markets.

Iranian best gala apple buying
gala apple

Urmia is the pole of apple production in Iran:

Urmia is one of the largest cities in Iran and the largest garden of all sorts of apple trees. Gala, golden and red delicious apples are the main producers of gardeners in this area.

Every year, many customers from different countries travel to the area. Vitarad Company, which has a large cold storage in Urmia, is ready to partner with reputable buyers.

Iranian apple exports to India and Russia:

Exports of Iranian apple to India and Russia are high. The two countries have a huge fruit market. And every year, shoppers buy a lot to work with us. More than 100,000 Iranian apples are exported to the Russian and Indian markets. Contact our consultants to buy and invest in agriculture.

Iranian best gala apple buying
gala apple



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