Red delicious apples trees for sale to export a foreign countries. If you have read our previous articles. We said the apple tree of Iran was taken from September. Red and golden delicious apples, which has the highest production in Iran. Most requested to buy and sell. The difference in the caliber of apples in packaging affects their sales prices. Vitarad Company in Iran has different varieties of golden and red delicious apples.

Red delicious apples for sale
Red delicious apples

Red delicious apples in Iran:

Iran has the largest amount of red delicious apples tree in the region. Quality and durability of Iranian apple varies in different regions. Our experts in Iran have identified major apple production areas. The provinces of West and East Azarbaijan have the highest production of red apples.

Red delicious apples for sale
Red delicious apples

Effects of apples tree:

Apples tree is one of the fruits that has a lot of health effects. This fruit because of high fiber, it is recommended to be one every day. Heart relief, anticancer, blood platelet enhancer are the most important properties of this fruit. Doctors have long advised to eat apple trees every day to not let the doctor go.

Apples production in Iran:

Iran is the seventh largest tree apple producer in the world, according to statistics. Fortunately, each year, with the increase in exports, the volume of harvesting of gardens has also increased. In 2017, more than 5 million tons of apples were harvested from Iranian gardens. Of this amount, about 3 million tons are for export. Sellers in Iran if they can meet export standards. They can sell large quantities of apples to different countries. It is also noteworthy that the largest amount of production is red delicious apple. This apple wants a lot in foreign markets. And this has led to an increase in exports of red apples each year.



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