Iranian golden delicious apple tree supplier

In order to the best Iranian golden delicious apple tree supplier , you need to consider the conditions of each region, such as climate or climate, garden location, resistance to pests and diseases and market sales. Vitarad Company is proud to present its golden delicious apple to our customers.

The golden delicious apple is the country’s most important cultivar. In hot and dry areas, the leaves fall before the fall. Pre-harvest loss is relatively high. It works well to thinning to increase the quality of the fruit and to prevent it from overloading the following year. The rust is particularly susceptible to wet and cold areas and to black spot disease and to some extent white.

Apples suitable for different regions of the country

Lebanese apple is the most important commercial figure in the world and is located in Iran after the golden delicious apple because of insufficient facilities to store it. Tends to be annual. So thinning is essential. Suitable for long summer breezes, cool nights, clear skies with no dust and no brakes.
Appropriate apple varieties in different regions of the country

  1. Summer Figures:
    Group of Rose Apples, Ahar-Ghezelma Summer Apples-Shafiabadi-Mashhad Apples.
  2. Autumn and winter apples:
    Abbasi apple of Mashhad – apple of Zenoz – royal flower – Daryan – Akhlamed – Shemirani.

Apples suitable for different regions of the countryClimatic conditions for planting apples

Apple’s golden delicious apple is cold, leafy or crawling. It is therefore naturally distributed in temperate cold climates in both the northern and southern hemispheres. But due to its adaptation, it has now been published in five continents.
The majority of these gardens range in latitude from 33 to 55 degrees in the northern hemisphere and to a lesser extent in the southern hemisphere. In these areas, the winter cold is sufficient to break the hibernation of the cultivars without damaging the cold.

Spring cold is also one of the other climatic factors that cause apple blossoms to die out in some regions and in some years.

Climatic conditions for planting apples
Pollination of products

Apple trees are not self-fertilizing and require alteration to pollination. Pollination management is an important part of growing a golden delicious apple. Before planting a tree, it is important to sort pollen producers. Fruit orchards may be the first in a series of open-cut apple tree species or transplanted apple tree branches. Some species produce very small pollen or infertile pollinators, so they are not good pollinators. Good orchards have a pollinator-open list.

Growers who plant old gardens with a single tree species provide bunches of apple flowers in barrels or buckets for pollination.

Pollination of productsHere are some of the medicinal properties of apples

  1. Apples are high in calcium, and apples help the body absorb calcium from other foods.
  2. Eating apples removes constipation and is useful for excessive fatigue
  3. Brewed apple tree leaf is diuretic and treats kidney and bladder inflammation.
  4. Drinking apple juice is an effective drug for the treatment of frustration and hoarseness.
  5. Apples are strong liver and appetizing.
  6. Apples are very useful for the treatment of dyspnea, even boiling apples can make this painful.
  7. Baked apple enhances the stomach and liver and removes soda and body toxins.
  8. Apple removes heat from the body.
  9. Grate the apple and wrap it in a towel and apply it to the eyes.
  10. Eating a golden delicious apple is even useful for those with diabetes because it does not raise blood sugar.

Here are some of the medicinal properties of applesExport of apples to other countries

America is the world’s second-largest apple producer with 10 percent of the world’s crop. Turkey is also one of the major producers of this product. France, Italy, South Africa and Chile are among the major apple exporters.
golden Delicious apples are scattered all over the world except in tropical countries. The major apple producing areas in the world lie between 30 and 60 degrees north and 49 percent of the world is produced in China, the US, France and Turkey.

Japan and the Korean Peninsula are among the areas of production but not exporters.

Export of apples to other countriesIranian golden delicious apple tree

Iranian golden delicious apple tree supplier each year, they export their products to different countries. The golden delicious apple of Iran is very tasty and quality. The caliber of these apples is very coarse and bony. The low level of Iranian apple sugar has made many customers buy.

Iranian golden delicious apple treeGolden delicious apple exporters:

Iranian golden delicious apple exporters always try to meet the quality and packaging requirements. Every year, exporters are careful about tree trimming. There are over 10 varieties of apples in Iran.

Iranian export apples packing:Iranian export apples packing:

Iran’s export of apple packets has changed in 2017. This year, we have sold and exported apples in cartons with a view to packaging. The bulkiness of Iranian apple has made it a great buy in foreign markets.

Iranian export apples packing:Learn more about apple tree in Iran:

We said that in Iran, more than 10 types of apple trees are harvested. The most important apple tree in Iran for export is the Golden and Red delicious apple. The harvest time in Iran is September. The length of harvest of apple trees is about two months. Contact us for more information about Iranian apple tree.


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