Import grapes from iran into the labor markets requires a high degree of sensitivity and finesse, which could wasted if human capital and financial resources ignored. Workplaces as well as imports require prospective vision, program design, knowledge of the methods, the required leave, and the creation of business buyers.

The most important factors affecting the export and import of grapes

The most important factors affecting grape export include real exchange rate, grape production rate, grape quality, proper packaging, grape export price and domestic prices of this product which can be said to have other positive effects on grape export other than grape export.

And increase the export of grapes and satisfy the customers who have import grapes from Iran. Another important role in importing is e-commerce, which can be of great help in expanding the fruit market to overseas borders.

Through it international businessmen and traders can identify different areas of grape harvesting and its varieties in other countries and finally be able to choose a more appropriate import option.

The most important factors affecting the export and import of grapesIntroducing and taking a look at grape fruit

Grapes is a species of the Vitaceae family of trees. In this family there are about 11 genera and over 600 species. Grapes are soft, juicy fruits from the grape tree. The most important grape producing countries in Iran are Europe, France, Italy and Germany. For import grapes from Iran which is the best quality grape product in Kashmar you can buy from vitarad company.
Grape fruit divided into granular and seedless.

Each of these two types are seen in red, black, yellow and almost green. The fruit grows best in areas where the maximum temperature is not more than 40 degrees Celsius and at least below 15 degrees Celsius. Production worldwide exceeds 70 million tonnes. Many business owners are thinking about using digital marketing capabilities.

You can use traditional and digital marketing to import your product to your home country using the services of vitarad.

Introducing and taking a look at grape fruitGrape varieties in Iran

Some varieties of grapes cultivated in Iran include: Kondri, Shahroudi, Red Ruby, White Ruby, Fakhri, Asgari, Mehdi Khani, Seed, Red Seed, Nut, Shani, Beard, Raisin or Sultani, Red Roach, White Roshak, Sangak, Amiri, Lal, Haji Abbasi, Cow’s Eye, Kandahari, Lamb, Gholami, Bride Chirinkak Bastak, Sahabi, Vegetarian, Shahani, Yazdani, Maraghey, Khalili, Gohar, Lal Hosseini, Dam Khorosi, Razaki Shirazi, Alwan, sixty brides, nara, mother and baby, musketeer, nettle, mulberry, mesquali, vechir, abby, alfalfa black, lughan, shamama, benevolent, sangonk, mosque, public, royal green, valencia.

The grape is a sweet and very tasty fruit that, besides being able to be in the food chain. Also bound to treat some diseases and therefore has medicinal uses. This fruit has different colors and sizes and named after this property.

Some import grapes from Iran solely for income generation. While others order the best grapes from Iran for their health benefits.

Grape varieties in IranExporting the best quality grapes to other countries

Grapes are one of the most valuable resources in a wide range of Iranian natural resources that can play an important role in employment if properly recognized. Import grapes from Iran are of varying quality and in different types in vineyards of famous regions. Of the country such as Kashmar city in Khorasan Razavi either late or early and it is ready for export to foreign countries.

It should noted that the import of grapes is very sensitive. From this point of view, there are a few things to consider when it comes to the quality of the product that is the best and most desirable. The best grapes must selected for importation and the appropriate packaging intended for the product must be in agreement with the parties who are exporters and buyers.

Competitive price, which the price determined by comparing and examining the competitors that offer this product in the foreign market. The most important thing is to prevent the product from failing to keep the product from spoiling until it delivered.

The realization of all of this in terms of imports depends on the teamwork and high coordination that vitarad has on export coordination to other countries.

Exporting the best quality grapes to other countriesIran is the largest producer of grape varieties in the world

Iran is the largest producer of grape varieties in the world after the apple tree. Grapes have a special place in Iran, and each year they exported from different countries to different countries. Green and red grapes had the highest exports. The country of Russia as the main destination of Iran grape markets. Each year a large volume of these grapes imported into the country. Dear traders of Russia who are planning to start import grapes from Iran. The company is ready for any cooperation in this regard.

Iran is the largest producer of grape varieties in the worldVarieties of grapes in Iran:

As we said, Iran is the main pillar of grape production in Iran. And various cultivars of this fruit produced and harvested in different parts of the country. One of the most important export species is red and green grapes, black grapes, Shahroudi and Asgari.

Varieties of grapes in Iran:Green and red seedless grapes:

One of the most popular Iranian grapes for export green and red grapes that produced in different parts of Urmia and Takestan. But one of the most important areas in Iran is the Urmia grapes that have grapes of high quality.

Green and red seedless grapes:Iranian black grapes to export:

One of the best grapes in Iran, which has the highest volume of harvest. Will have significant exports to the European market, especially Russia. This grape is produced in Iran, in mountainous regions and at high altitudes and it has a very high and sweet quality. It is also a grape variety that has its own specialty for export.



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