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Kiwi fruit supplier iran to the world, which is able to export its products to neighboring countries in addition to supplying domestic demand. Although Iran is not old enough to produce kiwi, it has been able to become one of the largest producers in recent decades due to the unique climate of the country.

Iran is the fourth largest kiwi producer in the world

In the last two to three decades, kiwi cultivation has started from west of Gilan to east of Golestan and we have had good quantitative and qualitative production so that we can be the fourth largest producer in this short period of time.

Kiwi fruit supplier iran to the world, so when a country is a major producer of a product, it cannot be an importer.
Given that kiwifruit grows in 2 to 3 years, so it can be said that if these orchards are put into operation, Iran will be able to supply many countries.
We do not need this product due to the variety of crop in the summer, but due to the high quality of production the product can stored in the refrigerator.

The quality of Iranian manufactured products, including kiwi, has the potential to compete with other competitors in world markets.

Iran is the fourth largest kiwi producer in the worldKiwi product storage status

Fruits should transported to the refrigerator as soon as possible up to 48 hours after harvest. Delay in subsequent transfer to the refrigerator will increase the amount of waste. In some countries, cold temperatures rapidly lower the temperature of the fruit, increasing the shelf life of the fruit, but in Iran, using cold water is important.

As it has good storage properties, it can stored for up to 6 months if it transferred to the refrigerator after disinfection. And the temperature and humidity of the refrigerator carefully adjusted and maintained. It should not stored near other fruits, especially grains. Because of the increased ethylene gas content of these fruits and the high sensitivity of the kiwi fruit, resulting in a quick and soft ripening and eventually decay.

Kiwi fruit supplier iran i, and since 1992 the production of this fruit has started to increase gradually and its export has been increasing every year.

Kiwi product storage statusWhat is kiwi grading and packaging from Iran for import?

The kiwi fruit grading is of particular importance in the sales and export market and is usually based on the weight and size of the fruit. All unripe, stained, deformed and pungent fruits should separated by trained workers because the presence of a rotten fruit can corrupt all the contents of the box.

A method used in exporting countries such as which Kiwi fruit supplier iran, is the use of Orbital spacers. Which break fruit against intense airflow and break down in size. And weight and fall into various plastic or plastic strips and from there into boxes.

Are transmitted. In this way, the first to fourth grade fruits are separated from each other and placed in standard packaging with specifications.

Cardboard or wooden boxes weighing 3 to 10 kg usually used for kiwi packaging. It is best not to put more than two rows of fruit in one box to avoid crushing the bottom fruit.

What is kiwi grading and packaging from Iran for import?Production status of kiwifruit crop and prone areas in Iran

Kiwi has been approved as a substitute for citrus fruits in the north of Iran after preliminary investigations by Ramsar Agricultural Research Station as a substitute for citrus fruits and after the arrival of selected and suitable cultivars from Italy and France under the name of Hayward, Bruno, Abbott, Manti, and Tomato and Matua male varieties were practically commercially favored in 1986.

At present, the fruit planted in three Caspian and Mazandaran provinces on the Caspian Sea coast and suitable land and added annually. At present, only a small portion of the Caspian Sea coast, from Astara to Sari, is favorable for the establishment of kiwi gardens.

These conditions related not only to the status of atmospheric factors such as

  • temperature
  • relative humidity
  • altitude
  • rainfall distribution.
  • but also to the pH of the soil

.because it is only in the strip that the soils are partially acidic or neutral and are suitable for growth and Kiwifruit cultivation is appropriate.

Therefore, the expansion of kiwi orchards has been in the range in recent years, with low cultivation levels in other areas, including Guilan, which has led Kiwi fruit supplier iran.

Production status of kiwifruit crop and prone areas in IranKiwi in Iran is famous for both Hayward

Kiwi fruit supplier Iran each year, they harvest more than 5,000 tons gardens. Also Kiwi in Iran is famous for both Hayward and Golden Hayward. Gardeners in the cities of Talesh, Astara and Tonekabon have the most harvest in the gardens. Buyers from India, Russia, the UAE, Kuwait and some European countries want Kiwi fruit from Iran.

Kiwi in Iran is famous for both HaywardIranian kiwifruit buyers:

Buyers of kiwi always want to buy the most quality product with a sophisticated packaging. Russia, which pays more attention to packaging, buys different types of kiwi each year with high caliber. India, like Russia, is paying more attention to the quality of its products and often purchases plastic baskets.

The Gulf countries, whose packaging varies for their market, usually buy plastic containers.

Iranian kiwifruit buyers:Sufficient information for kiwi Iran:

Provides enough information from Kiwi to provide consultants. Kiwi is a kind of fruit whose plant is like a grape. Given that the tree grows in areas with high humidity, it is only produced in northern cities of Iran. Iranian kiwi harvest begins in September. Caliber of this fruit in the garden is from 70 mm to over 100 mm.

Sufficient information for kiwi Iran:Kiwi fruit packing for export:

Kiwi fruit packing for export is different. The fruit harvested from the gardens, then it packed in various calibres by a surrender machine. Also kiwi placed in a basket and carton after the sort.

Kiwi fruit packing for export:Kiwi fruit producing countries:

The countries that produce kiwi are not many in the world. The countries of Iran, Spain, New Zealand, Chile and Turkey are the major producers of kiwi. Because of the organic production of kiwi, Iran always has a lot of buyers from foreign countries. Contact our consultants and experts to find out about the price of kiwi and other products from this company.


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