Export price of pomegranate from Iran

Export of pomegranate from the early times was prevalent in Iran. More than half part of pomegranate of the world produced in Iran and at the past time Iran was the lone pomegranate exporter to the world. Export price of pomegranate from Iran is suitable and many countries purchase that.

Production of pomegranate

Pomegranate is a tree fruit and is native fruit of Iran country and Himalaya mountains in north of India. Iran produces 800 thousands tone pomegranate every year and is the biggest producer of this fruit in world. India has the second score in producing of this crop.

The seeds of the pomegranate are often red and sometimes are white. In the taste point of view they are sweet, sour and sour sweet. It is possible to make from this fruit: pomegranate juice, pomegranate paste, and jam. Pomegranate has 3 original strains and has 4 basic varieties and main part of naming based on this classification.

Export price of pomegranate from Iran depends on amount and quality and packing.

Production of pomegranateStrains of export pomegranate

In Iran there are more than 740 kinds of pomegranates and the well-known ones are: red seeded Shahsavar, Meykhosh, Saveh sweet, Saveh Alak, red seeded Isfahan Malas, shishe gap Khorasan, and Ghom gachag. The morphologic features of the export strains that are acceptable for the exporters of different areas and countries are:

  1. the color of the hull
  2. color of the seed
  3. taste of the seed
  4. hull thickness and the weight of the fruit.

The pomegranate strains that have these features are suitable for exports and they are sent to these countries: Germany, England, Emirate Arabic United, Ukraine, Sweden, Switzerland, Swiss, and Source Korea that are the biggest buyers of Iranian pomegranate.

So export price of pomegranate from Iran is done to twenty countries of the world.

Strains of export pomegranateExport price of pomegranate from Iran

Export price of pomegranate from Iran evaluated depending on the kind of the brand, place of production, quality of pomegranate, packing, and global rate, and the rate of the foreign currency, and being organic. When you want to evaluate the price of crop you can use the price detection service.

To detection the price, you must achieve exact information about the price of the crop in the target country markets and international market. You must analyze based on deals in the market via the information bases and experts ideas. You must study the supply and demand indexes and consider the other functions related to dealt.

When you calculate and detect the profitable price for pomegranate you will see that Iranian pomegranate is high qualified crop that has a suitable price.

Export price of pomegranate from IranInternational marketing of pomegranate

Marketing of the export pomegranate focused on a target society that includes small retailers and multiple shops of developed countries and developing countries of world. Many of producing corporations in the entire world have focused their marketing on the digital marketing. Every year online sale has 15% growth than traditional sale and many of traders think of digital marketing. In the other hand pomegranate is a fruit that matures at the end of summer or autumn. In the harvesting time the prices are different of the time that the crop was at the fridge or online sale.

However production of pomegranate in India is through the 9 months of the year. As you know the biggest producers of pomegranate at the world are respectively Iran, India and Turkey. In the India 107000 hectare is under cultivation of pomegranate and 740000 tone crop is produced in 4 key states of India. Quota of pomegranate export in universal markets is altogether more than 3milyard dollar. Growth of pomegranate export in comparison with 2016 is 2% increasing.

Pomegranate producers use the marketing and packing principles and are able to send their crops to international markets.

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