Persian cucumber wholesale price list

Cucumber is a south Asia native plant. There are almost 1000 cucumber strains, but all of them are not edible. Persian cucumber is one of the strains and it is sold in wholesale price. If you are in cucumber trade you must know the Persian cucumber wholesale price list.

Production of the cucumber

The researchers believe that source and foundation of cucumber is India and today India possesses one of the biggest genetic storages of cucumber plant. But today the biggest producer of the cucumber of world is China that has more than 60% of universal production. After China, Turkey, Russia, Iran and America have the subsequent scores.

Yearly production of cucumber in all over of the world estimated almost 42 milliard kilo gram. There are 3 original species of edible cucumber in Iran: general, pickle and Chanbar (clavicle). In Iran cucumber has the highest amount of greenhouse crops that is sold in wholesale price.

iranian cucumber wholesale price is so that it has many buyers.

Production of the cucumberPersian cucumber

Persian cucumber resistant to pests, delicious and high qualified. Iran produces more than 2million tones cucumber in a year. Almost 4000 hectare vegetable greenhouses in different areas of Iran including Jirof, Kahnooj, Isfahan, Tehran, Yazd, Sistan, and Semnan. 3420 hectares of this area are for cucumber that mainly produced in winter and spring months.

This crop is capable to investiture in production of seed of hybrid cultivation strains, packing, and extension of export. Iran has fifth score of climate variety in the world and produces and exports varieties of vegetables including iranian cucumber. Also persian cucumber wholesale price list is very cheap and commodious and people prefer to buy that.

Barbed cucumber has higher price than other cucumbers and at the same time has high sale.

Persian cucumberExport of Persian cucumber

According to the statistic reports of the customhouse of Iran, last year, more than 188000 tones cucumber. And fresh or frigid pickle cucumber in the cost of more than 141 million Dollars exported to Iraq, Russia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Emirate.

Demand for the cucumber high, the cucumber market full of green cucumber that have different qualified graduations that one part sent to internal market and the other part exported to the other countries. There are some corporations that provide cucumber to the market. They do the process of packing and preserving in springhouses and send their productions to the markets and export in suitable prices.

iranian cucumber is sold in wholesale price and Iran was able to earn good income through sale of export cucumber to global markets.

Export of Persian cucumberCharacteristics of export Persian cucumber

The produced cucumbers in Iranian market divided to two parts: export cucumber, cucumber for internal use. Export cucumber  has unique features and high qualities. Quality of export cucumber has effect on the price of that. Cucumbers for internal usage have lower prices. Indeed inexpensive price of internal cucumber is not due to low quality or inadequacy of that.

First grade export cucumber that is saleable even in internal market has these characteristics:

  1. Also it is completely green and is not pale and has not pale spots.
  2. It has not cut and it has transparent hull.
  3. It has drastic taste and smell.
  4. They have almost uniform shape and sizes.

The price of the green cucumber in market dominated considering the quality of that. Persian green cucumber has different models that are: simple cucumber, barbed cucumber, mini cucumbers, and salad cucumbers. In the breeding and producing method point of view the cucumbers divided to 2 parts: greenhouse cucumber and farm cucumber. Producing of farm cucumber is hard but if you are looking for organic and natural cucumber you must buy farm ones.

So persian cucumber wholesale price depends on the quality.

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