Bell pepper export from Iran

Bell pepper is an export agricultural crop of Iran. This fruit because of its high quality remarked by the Iranian agriculture crops exporters. In bell pepper export from Iran to the other countries moreover than quality the price is important parameter that must be coincident on the prices of the target country.

Variety of color in the bell pepper export

When your order for sorting and packing comes in the store, three red and yellow and orange colors can provided. When a container that has 14 tones capacity rented the bell peppers packed 50% red, 30% yellow and 20% orange. If you require green color pepper you must aware the sales unit when ordering and if possible they will provide green bell pepper to you.
Now that we are speaking about variety of bell pepper color we can tell about the black bell pepper that breeding in Kerman province. In fact, black bell pepper is a colorful pepper and has high sale in other countries.

Bell pepper export from Iran is in high amount and suitable prices and packing’s.

Variety of color in the bell pepper exportEffective functions on the price of bell pepper

The price of colorful bell pepper is almost two times more than green bell pepper. The taste of the green bell pepper is bitterer tan colorful bell pepper and the colorful ones tend to sweetness. Moreover, then taste and color other functions effect on the price of the bell pepper.
If you want to come in deal of this crop you must know the times that the prices go down and up. Every crop has its expenditures from the planting until the harvesting stage. Buying the seeds, transportation, storage, packing and other costs are effective. The rate of the foreign currency specially Dollar, decrease of supply, increase of demand, provisional and preventive rules of customhouse.

Finally if bell pepper export from Iran is affected by the price and quality of the crop, our crop has the best quality and the suitable price.

Effective functions on the price of bell pepperBell pepper export from Iran

Bell pepper export from Iran is done to different countries including Russia, Qatar, Emirate, Oman, Kuwait, around Persian gulf countries, Turkey and other neighbored countries. The price of the export bell pepper depends on the season of production and the target country.
Sale of bell pepper is only in wholesale and high tonnage. Russia is one of main buyers of bell pepper; because of the cold climate of this country possibility of breading of this fruit limited in Russia. Russia has some favorite big chain supermarkets that Iranian agricultural outturns are favorite crops of these super markets.

Every exporter corporation of the bell pepper must provide the packed crop with label and required standards because attention of the importer countries to this issue is very much and they are susceptible.

Bell pepper export from IranBell pepper packing

As you know Iranian agricultural crops have nice export to the other various countries because their quality is remarkably high and export of them has gotten more purposeful. Bell pepper is one of these crops and today Iranians produce and export that in specially form. In foreign trade pack of bell pepper is very important and always first grade and particular crops are placed in these packing’s.

The features of good packing of bell pepper are:

  • bell pepper have label
  • Resistant
  • they are stylish
  • suitable size
  • their transportation is easy.

Indeed, these pretty crops sorted in expertise boxes. Every exporter that pays attention to the said factors can has a direct deal with foreigner buyers and can provide first class crop. Also this issue will lead to their popularity in global market. It is considerable that standards and suitable packing’s can provide great amount of agricultural crops including bell pepper to internal and external markets. Type of packing is impressive in prosperity of export.

Moreover suitable packing is sake to preserve the fruit and prevention of decadence and corruption and it makes the transportation easier.

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