Iran red and golden delicious apples supplier which is a distinctive and popular apple among the most favored among the yellow apples, and researchers nowadays have shown that this type of apple is not only stylish but attractive. It is also very nutritious.

Prices of apples exported worldwide in dollars

The red and golden delicious apples supplier price varies due to various factors throughout the year. China is now the world’s top producer and exporter of apples, valued at over one million dollars, with one percent growth. Apple exports are one of the countries’ source of income and one of the business areas for businesses exporting fruit varieties.

Market prices for apple exports indirectly related to export prices of other fruits. These factors generally introduced by factors such as the production of apple varieties in seasonal and volume production, the quality of the fruit, export laws and more. Prices of apples exported worldwide expressed in dollars per kilogram.

That figure was $ 1.19 per kg, according to the latest statistics.

Prices of apples exported worldwide in dollarsIntroducing Apples

Apples come in late summer or fall, there are many varieties of very different sizes. The goal of commercial growers is to produce apples 7 to 8.3 centimeters in line with market preferences. Some shoppers, especially Japanese, prefer large apples, while apples less than 5.7 cm in diameter of little value in the market and commonly used for fruit juice. The world’s largest apple producers are 41 million tons of China, 5 million US and 3 million tons of Turkey, respectively.

Apples export as an important part of this product is available to the market. Worldwide apples are highly varied, with planting numbers reaching 7,500 and producing 2,500 in the United States alone, but most of the red and golden delicious apples supplier marketed. The total apple production in the world is over 83 million tons.

Red and golden apples are the most popular types of apples for export.

Introducing ApplesPackaging rules and prices of apples for export

The rules for packaging and labeling apples exported in each country and region based on government policies can be very different from other countries, and the use of colors and fonts can have a stronger impact on attracting customers. Prices of red and golden delicious apples supplier judged by the type of brand, the place of production, the quality of the packaging and its organicity.

Apples can exported to apple licenses and certificates depending on the country of destination and the needs of the buyer. A successful business is essential for understanding market behavior and its needs. Business owners are researching marketing mechanisms and market conditions to enter each market and increase their sales.

Every year, online sales have grown 15 percent over traditional sales.

Packaging rules and prices of apples for exportGolden and red apple exports

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The major export markets for Golden and Red Apples are

  • India
  • Russia
  • Qatar
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Egypt
  • Sudan.

Apple’s share of global exports is more than $ 7.5 billion.

The largest exporting countries are China, the United States and Italy, respectively.

Golden and red apple exportsHave you ever bought Iranian apple tree?

Red and golden delicious apples supplier in Iran, they cooperate with different countries. Have you ever bought Iranian apple tree? How many tons of Iranian golden and red delicious apples are imported each year? Did you know that Iran is the harbor of tree apple production in the world? In this news we are going to focus more on this issue. As you know, apple tree has a variety of varieties in the world. Each of the varieties also has its own special market place. The apple tree should have a good taste, in terms of quality, color and, most importantly, the good taste. The red and golden delicious apples of Iran is one of these fruits.

The amount of production in Iran’s red and golden delicious apples roses:

The amount of Iranian red and golden delicious apples production increases each year. According to estimates, in 2017, the amount of apple tree harvest in Iran is more than 5 million tons. The largest variety of gardens, red and golden delicious apples.

The amount of production in Iran's red and golden delicious apples roses:Cities producing apple trees in Iran:

The cities producing apple in Iran are high. Some areas in Iran have high quality apple trees because of mountains. As well as their harvest rates from gardens more than other areas. According to the Agricultural Directorate of Iran, West Azarbaijan has the highest production. Due to mountainous and cold weather, the province has high quality apple trees. Over 90% of the apples are red and golden. Other mountainous regions are also present in Iran. East Azarbaijan is another mountainous region in Iran. In 2017, we plan to increase the volume of exports to target countries with respect to packaging. Foreign customers can announce their purchase order. The quality and competitive price of our main programs will be in West Azerbaijan province.