Kiwi fruit Fob Bandar Abbas carton Paking TT paymant

Delivery of Kiwi fruit Fob Bandar Abbas carton Paking TT Paymant in order to be easy to transport requires the laminate and die-cut boxes to be packed in three and five layers with customer-specific printing. The durability of the carton packing the fruit and its finished price is very important.

Export of kiwi to all parts of Iran and foreign countries

This year, about 300000 kiwifruits will be produced in the country, which should be exported to the target markets, with a per capita consumption of more than 150000. Iran is the third and fourth largest kiwi producer in the world. There are various companies in Bandar Abbas that do transit of products to other places. Kiwi fruit Fob Bandar Abbas from the north of the country and then transported to other cities and countries.

Businesses around the world provide their products with quality services and reasonable rates. During the year 1397, kiwi products worth $ 96 million were exported to the target markets, and the major export markets are Russia, Iraq, India, the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan, respectively.
Export of kiwi to all parts of Iran and foreign countries

Importance of kiwi fruit in Bandar Abbas

Kiwi has high nutrients and low calorie intake, so it is a very useful fruit. There is no good climate for kiwi production in Bandar Abbas, so Kiwi fruit Fob Bandar Abbas is very important. Due to its lowering effect on triglyceride levels, this fruit reduces blood concentration and prevents narrowing of vessels and strokes. High levels of vitamin E in kiwi keep the skin moist.

It is used to regenerate skin cells and make the skin supple and youthful. Kiwi is high in amino acids and vitamin C that fight harmful sun rays and prevent sun damage. Fruits rich in vitamins C and E can help fight hair loss and maintain hair health. Kiwi is high in these two essential vitamins.

This tropical fruit contains minerals such as magnesium, zinc and phosphorus that stimulate blood circulation and thus accelerate hair growth.

Importance of kiwi fruit in Bandar AbbasWays to export kiwi from Bandar Abbas to countries such as India or Russia

There are several ways to export kiwi to India or to kiwi to Russia, such as maritime and air transportation. Most of the products, such as kiwi exports to Russia, are generally by sea, and containers containing cargo to the port of Russia carry the goods and deliver them to the buyer. In Iran, Kiwi fruit Fob Bandar Abbas annually and eventually exported to other countries.

Of course, there are conditions for exporting kiwi air. Which can only used when the buyer requests air delivery to arrive sooner or if the choice is not significantly different from land export. The idea is that you can easily design the packaging and use it to export kiwi to India. But new Iranian business rules have been introduced for the packaging of any agricultural product that kiwi is no exception to.

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Ways to export kiwi from Bandar Abbas to countries such as India or RussiaBenefits and practical properties of fresh and dried kiwi

The large amount of copper in the dry kiwi retains the natural color of the hair and prevents premature bleaching.
Kiwi is high in vitamin C, which is useful for inhibiting free radicals that damage skin cells and even lead to cancer. Just one kiwi can meet 77% of your daily requirement for vitamin C, which is very high. In fact, kiwi has more vitamin C than orange and lemon.

Also, eating kiwi can help prevent colon cancer. The meat of this delicious fruit contains soluble fiber that helps the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon and reduces the risk of colon cancer. Kiwi fruit Fob Bandar Abbas for human consumption as well as for transportation to other areas every year.100 grams of kiwi has only 55 calories and its distinctive taste may be of interest to many. Kiwi also contains soluble fiber, which reduces hunger and boosts satiety. Vitamin C is usually recommended for people with respiratory diseases such as asthma or chronic cough. And dried kiwi is essential for people with respiratory problems because it is rich in this essential nutrient.

Smokers need more vitamin C because it eliminates vitamins, especially free radicals found in cigarette smoke.

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