Import red delicious apples tree

Apple has good production capacity in Iran, although it has always had its limitations, but we can obtain good markets due to the quality of apple exported from Iran. Import red delicious apples tree to various countries from Iran have found great demand in the world. We can pay more attention to this and be a good exporter in the world.

Export rate of apple tree in Iran

Import red delicious apples tree from Iran to other countries are $ 256 million and we could have many more markets in these areas. But our production capacity is limited and unfortunately our marketing style is not desirable. But we can grow in this market and take advantage of the quality and quantity of our product to attract customers. Our capacity is also growing.

In our 92 years we have exported $ 108 million and 93 us $ 170, 94 us $ 130 million and 95 us $ 110 million, 96 we have $ 346 million and this shows our growing trend. China and other countries also have apples, but in terms of quality, quantity and taste, they differ from Iran’s apples. Iranian apple has its own taste.

If you have eaten Chinese apples, it does not taste good, but just looks good and tastes good at all.

Export rate of apple tree in IranCheapest Apple Prices in Iran Compared to the World

According to world statistics, we rank well in Import red delicious apples tree to other countries and have the potential to increase our capacity and gain more customers and quotas or sell our products at higher prices and create more value. After China, America, Italy, Chile, France, New Zealand, South Africa and the Netherlands and then Iran. Iran has a 4.3% share in the world. Apple apples sell for an average of $ 424 worldwide. This is the export price we have announced worldwide.

The average price of apples in the world is over $ 400, and unfortunately we work very cheaply. Those who work in the field can check whether the $ 400 per tone really is a reasonable price on the world market. Those who are working may say that I sell this apple in the Iranian market at a lower price, how is that value put?

This is the average price the customs have stated and may not be the actual rate.

Cheapest Apple Prices in Iran Compared to the WorldImport rates of apple trees in the world

Some people in the world tend to like good looks, while others tend to taste organic apples and flavors. This is one of our competitive advantages in selling because apples are produced in other countries but they are not as delicious as apple in Iran. There is so much demand for apples in the world. It’s not like a country imports a lot, but Import red delicious apples tree from Iran into the world are in high demand.

The largest consumers are Germany, Britain and Russia, with 3.14% of the market buying. The rest are bought by India, Indonesia and Mexico, which have a market share of 5.3, 4.3%. There are other countries too. The UAE accounts for about 4.2% of the market and $ 194 million annually. Our neighbor, like Iraq, buys $ 126 million.

We have many advantages in the apple production process and this quality should enhance its added value.

Import rates of apple trees in the worldNeighboring countries’ capacity to export apple trees

Neighboring countries have a lot of buying potential, but we should not believe in neighborly marketing. Because our sales in the neighboring countries are so low, we can sell this product at a much higher price. Import red delicious apples tree from Iran have the potential to sell for $ 1,400 per ton instead of $ 400. But we need to change our behavior a little in this market. It takes time to realize the value of this apple in world markets.

As we increase the market diversity of the target countries, we increase our opportunities to export and we can find better and higher value added customers. We ship most of our products to neighboring countries and some to India and a few other countries and unfortunately we haven’t found a good market in this area. With a little focus on it we can easily find new markets in this product. We hope that friends who want to work in this field, especially those in West Azerbaijan and these provinces, will focus on it so that with a successful plan they can find much better and more foreign markets. With a great track record and successful planning, Vitarad Trading has been able to buy the finest tasty and quality apples from dear orchards. And export them to other countries.

Neighboring countries' capacity to export apple treesApple tree is one of the most popular fruits in the world

Apple tree is one of the most popular fruits in the world. Most customers at the time of purchase always try to choose the most quality and most colorful apple tree. Red delicious apples with unique flavor and aroma have special customers in the world. Iran as the largest producer of different kinds of red apples tree in the world every year, many merchants from different countries are buying red apples.Apple tree is one of the most popular fruits in the world

New packaging for tree apple exports:

Iran’s apple has been the first in the world in terms of quality, nevertheless, we want to introduce the world-class apple of the world with a variety of different weights in different weights and those who are going to cooperate with us, vitarad trading is ready for cooperation and consultation.New packaging for tree apple exports:

Grading tree apple trees for sale and export:

Usually in Iran, according to the volume of production, apples are packed in different grades. The photo below shows that the apple of the red rose tree is packed in two rows in the basket.Grading tree apple trees for sale and export:

Selling different types of apple trees in Iran:

Vitarad, which has a large storage room for storing various types of apple trees. Sells the best red and yellow tree apple to various countries. Often buyers are willing to buy this product in the same package at an affordable price.

Harvesting red apples tree:

We will be ready to cooperate with merchants and exporters by picking up the pristine yellow and red Apple trees from the gardens of the apple lands of the country and identifying these gardens by the company.

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