Iran’s kiwi is unbeatable in the world. The timing of Iranian kiwi harvesting varies with New Zealand, and the opportunity should be used to maximize Iranian kiwi imports to neighboring countries every year. Kiwi crop has the lowest risk and can be exploited most when agriculture is high risk in the country.

World countries want to import Iranian kiwi

Iran’s kiwi harvest time varies with New Zealand and should be used to the full According to the report, 45,797 tones of fresh kiwi were exported from Iran in the eleven months of this year. This amounted to export of 22 million 223 thousand 578 dollars to the country. The rial value of the new kiwi export was 65 billion 587 million and 778 thousand and 728 tomans in customs.

Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, India, Bahrain, Cyprus, Russia, Turkey, Sudan, Iraq, Oman, Pakistan, Oman, Italy, Georgia, Azerbaijan are Iranian kiwi customers with increasing Iranian kiwi imports to these countries each year Is.

Crop insurance is the most important concern among farmers, and it is essential that the relevant authorities have proper planning in place.

World countries want to import Iranian kiwiItaly became Iran’s kiwi customer

Italy has recently demanded an Iranian kiwi imports into its country, and the export of this product to Italy will soon be at the commercial level. The kiwi production gap in Iran and in European countries gives us the opportunity to expand our kiwi exports. Some European countries also want other greenhouse products in the country that could provide a good future for sustainable exports.

Establishments in the production chain can play an important role in creating and developing sustainable exports of agricultural products provided they increase their presence in production-related activities until exports become more vibrant. Iran is the world’s fourth largest kiwi producer with more than 200000 tons of kiwi per year.

Kiwi production in Iran has been growing well in recent years and has gradually become one of the advantages for our country’s agriculture, especially in the northern regions.

Italy became Iran's kiwi customerKiwi-ground for cooperation between Iran and Newzealand in agriculture

Given the growing trend of cultivation of kiwifruit and the increase in kiwifruit production in Iran, it is now necessary to improve the quality of kiwifruit crop and bring it to the level of international standards necessary for marketing in the region and other countries of the world. vitarad Trading Company currently Iranian kiwi imports to 54 countries.

The company is active in the field of agricultural research, marketing, innovation and production of new kiwi varieties and expanding the supply of quality kiwi chains. These are all things that Iranian gardeners can work with and benefit from. The company owns some varieties of kiwi in New Zealand and is working to increase the cultivation level of this crop year after year.

Vitarad is currently exporting kiwi to several Asian countries, including China, Japan and Europe.

Kiwi-ground for cooperation between Iran and Newzealand in agricultureCan we eat kiwi with skin?

Because not, normal kiwi skin has more fiber and vitamin C, which are useful for improving cardiovascular disease, strengthening the body’s immune system, treating constipation, and preventing colds and flu. If you want to eat kiwi with skin and enjoy its skin properties, you must make sure you have an organic kiwi and that it is easy to believe that no chemicals have been involved in its growth.

So you can trust Iranian day market and buy this product from Iran for Iranian kiwi imports to your country. Ordering varieties of fruit in the vitarad business is like going to farmland and getting organic fruit directly from a farmer, not wasting your time. And wasting your time and money, and enjoying the immediacy of instant shopping.

Can we eat kiwi with skin?What are the disadvantages of kiwi?

Excessive consumption of kiwi due to too much fiber can lead to diarrhea.
Many people are allergic to kiwi and have inflammation, throat itching, sneezing and even anaphylactic shock.
Since kiwi is high in potassium, it interferes with beta-blocker drugs.

Excess kiwifruit is harmful to kidney patients due to high levels of potassium and oxalate and can lead to kidney stones.

What are the disadvantages of kiwi? Northern Iran has large gardens of kiwi fruits

Iranian kiwi imports from September will begin. Northern Iran has large gardens of kiwi fruits. Kiwi is one of the most sought after fruits in some countries. This fruit has a thick and brown colored skin. The meat is both green and golden. There are so many countries that produce this fruit. The largest kiwifruit producers in the world export their products to different markets. One of the main pillars of this fruit is Iran. Each year in Iran more than 2 million tons of kiwi are taken from the gardens.

 Northern Iran has large gardens of kiwi fruitsIranian kiwi imports to Russia:

From previous years, Iranian kiwi imports to Russia. Russia is the largest fruit market in Europe. Each year more than 3000 tons of kiwi are exported from Iran to the Russia market. Because of the organic nature of Iranian kiwi, it has special customers in this country. We would like to increase the volume of Kiwi imports to Russia this year. If Russian buyers plan to buy kiwi for Iran. Our company is ready to provide services.

Iranian kiwi imports to Russia:Kiwi producing regions in Iran:

Kiwi producing regions are in northern Iran. Astara, Talesh, Tonekabon are the main pillars of this fruit production in Iran. As we mentioned in the previous article. In Iran, more than 2 million tons of kiwi are harvested. Mazandaran province has the highest production. Gilan is also the second province producing this fruit. In Iran, two varieties of this fruit are harvested. Golden hayward and Green.


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