Grapes export companies in Iran

Grapes in Iran have different varieties. The varieties of grapes available in Iran are among the most popular agricultural products. Regarding the type of grape, its method and storage conditions are different and there are different names of grape export companies in Iran that sell different types of grapes.

Iranian grapes for export

Vitarad Company is one of the companies that have active in buying and selling Iranian grapes for many years and have attracted many buyers. Exports of grapes are very demanding due to their high usage. There a great variety of exported grapes in the market. The most expensive and demanding type of grape is the Askari grape model.

Iraq, the United Arab Emirates and China have the largest export potential for exporting grapes from Iran. Grapes export companies in Iran have introduced the British market as the largest demand capacity for Iranian grapes.

China shows the largest difference between export potential and real export in terms of value, with the remaining export capacity valued at $ 23.6 million.

Iranian grapes for exportDifferent types of grapes export companies in Iran

Grapes are one of the fruits of various varieties and good growth in Iran. Grapes are one of the specialty products of Iranian gardens. This fruit has many properties and therefore is of great interest. Different types of grape export companies in Iran buy the best and highest quality produce produced from gardeners and farmers.

vitarad company is also proud to offer its customers the best products at a reasonable price. It shipped annually to various countries, including Iraq and other Gulf states. Most foreign companies that go to Iranian producers for bulk purchase of grapes certainly consider its quality and quality and order it in high volume. In the meantime, the more appropriate the price of the product offered, the more people will demand it.

Most of the grapes produced are shipped overseas, which in the current situation has a good profit and value.

Different types of grapes export companies in IranWholesale price of grapes export companies in Iran

Grapes, which is one of the fruits of Iranian export to different countries, has different prices. This year, with the economic conditions and currency rising, we are likely to see the price of this valuable fruit multiply. There fewer exported grapes on the market, and most grapes shipped overseas after being handpicked and packaged.

Iran has great potential in this area and if it is given special attention in this sector, Iran will become one of the main hubs of grape export in the world. Due to climate and economic problems this year, the wholesale prices in the grape export companies in Iran are still unknown and we have to wait for the fruits to come to market to see what the prices are. It clear that the price of exported grapes this year will be higher than last year.

Various export companies operate in every city and sell grapes and other fruits.

Wholesale price of grapes export companies in IranThe largest exporting country of grapes

There are many varieties of grapes that best exported black grapes. Grapes have small, coarse grains.
Some of the most famous grapes are:

  • Ruby grapes
  • Bearded grape
  • Grapefruit
  • Raisins
  • Etc

There are many grapes export companies in Iran and exporting grapes to these companies has a good profit. Grapes exported to neighboring Iraq and other countries. Iran is one of the largest grape exporting countries in the Middle East. The grapes well received in the world markets and we see this crop of Iranian orchards exported to many countries every year. Although it is difficult for companies to export grapes, companies still have grape exports because of demand. Along with Iran, Italy, France, Turkey, Argentina, Australia, China, America and Chile are other countries that are the biggest exporters of grapes. In Iran, there are about 310,000 hectares of vines under cultivation.
These vineyards exist in the provinces of Khorasan, East Azerbaijan, West Azarbaijan and several other provinces.

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