Wholesale red and yellow apples

Apples are probably the most important and well-known fruits in the world that come in many different shapes and colors. Iran the largest producer and supplier of these amazing fruits in the Middle East and has large quantities of wholesale red and yellow apples available every year.

Apples’ importance in the world

Apples might have originated from central Asia. But today, they cultivated worldwide and are among the most widely grown fruits in the globe. Apples have grown by humans for thousands of years and play an important role on many cultures and international cuisines.

There more than 84 million tons of the fruit produced in the world every year, and they enjoyed fresh or in other forms by people from all over the world. They come in many different shapes and colors and are sweet and sour. Wholesale red and yellow apples occur in every continents and are a big part of the international agriculture.

They also every bit as healthy as they popular and are recommended by all the doctors.

Apples' importance in the worldDifferent apple cultivars produced in Iran

There hundreds of different big and small apple cultivars produced in different regions of Iran with different climates and soil qualities. Most of the Iranian apple are from famous international apple cultivars which are popular both within and outside the country. More than two million tons of apples produced in Iran (nearly 70%) from the Red and Golden Delicious cultivars which are well-known all over the world for their perfect shape and amazing sweet taste.

This fact makes Iranian apples ideal for international exports, and the wholesale red and yellow apples from Iran, a big industry. Other famous and popular apple cultivars produced in Iran include Granny Smith’s, and Fiji.

Iranian apples are mostly grown organically which will attribute to their taste and eventual popularity on the international markets.

Different apple cultivars produced in IranIranian apple exports

Iran produces nearly 3 million tons of apples every year and this high number of production ranks Iran among the top ten producers of this amazing fruit in the world. These apples produced in Iran are from different cultivars. But they mostly used for fresh consumption within and outside the country. Iranian apples known for their amazing taste and perfect shape, and they are among the top shelf products in most markets they enter.

Wholesale red and yellow apples produced in Iran are very popular on the International fruit markets. Especially the ones in the Middle East, and the demands for them is constantly on the rise. Russia is among the large importers of the Iranian apples in the West Asian regions.

There are also many Middle Eastern countries like Iraq purchasing Iranian apples on very large scales.

Iranian apple exportsApples are true miracle fruits

There are many different reasons for calling apples a true miracle fruit, and they can’t all explained here, but some of the most important health benefits of these amazing fruits will explained. Apples have proven to help boost the respiratory health and can help reduce the risks of asthma. Also apples packed full with vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, natural sugar, and phytonutrients that can help you feel more alert. Unlike caffeine based drinks, the sugar in apples will released slowly to the body in order to avoid subsequent crashes. Apples also contain a compound called Fisting which can help keep the skin hydrated and young.

Apples contain no fat which makes them an ideal choice for a snack or even a light dinner for people who are trying to lose weight. The high fiber content will also attribute to them more filling and can help keep you full for longer hours. They have also proven to good for the heart, and can reduce the risks of chronic diseases in the area.

Both red and yellow apples are extremely healthy and fortunately all international fruit markets have wholesale red and yellow apples which makes them available all over the world for everyone.

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