The price of 1 ton cucumber

Cucumbers are among the most common and well known vegetables in the world and it has become quite easy to find them everywhere. Iran is a main supplier of these vegetable in the world and produces it on large scales. The price of 1 ton cucumber produced in Iran is very suitable for international markets.

Iranian cucumber production

There more than 80 million tons of cucumbers produced all over the world every year, which is a sign of their international popularity and importance. Iran is also the fifth largest producer of the vegetable in the world and also one of its suppliers.

Iranian cucumbers are grown organically in open farms and greenhouses all over the country, The fact that cucumbers can be grown in greenhouses, lowers the production costs and makes them available and ripe, all year long. It will also makes it easier to protect them against pests. This will also help in the international export prices.

The price of 1 ton cucumber produced in Iran is very suitable for customers on the international fruit markets.

Iranian cucumber productionCucumber exports from Iran

Iran produces nearly two million tons of these amazing vegetables. This high amount of production more than enough to supply the local markets and still set aside hundreds of thousands of tons, for international exports every year. Iranian cucumbers supply many of the Middle Eastern and Asian markets. Russia has one of the largest cucumber consumption rates in the world and also the Iranians’ biggest customer.

It is also a more economical choice for Middle Eastern countries to purchase their cucumbers from Iran and the price cucumber is very ideal to them. This is largely due to the fact that shorter distances between the producers and the customers result in lower transportation and storage costs.

Also the cucumbers will arrive to the destination in the shortest time possible and as fresh as they usually come.

Cucumber exports from IranWhat are cucumbers good for

The most important thing about cucumbers is their high water content which makes them an ideal source for hydration, especially in warmer months of the year. Besides, they have a cold nature, which can help the consumers to cool down during these hot months. They are also very low on calories and high in fibbers which makes them an ideal choice for almost everyone on the planet.

The most important vitamins found in cucumbers is the vitamin K, which can be useful for the blood circulation system and making plackets. Of course, this can be a problem only for people who use blood thinners, and they should consume lower quantities of these vegetables daily. Overall, cucumbers are among the healthiest and cheapest vegetables found all over the world.

The price of 1 ton cucumber is very cheap on international wholesale markets.

What are cucumbers good forCucumbers in the world

It is quite safe to say that cucumbers are the most well-known vegetables all over the world. They grown in every continent of the world and are among the essential parts of many international salads and local cuisines from all over the globe. Even though many people prefer their cucumbers fresh, the pickle made from these amazing vegetables is the most popular pickle in the world. Cucumber pickles enjoyed with sandwiches and other foods by people all over the world. And hold an international revenue that goes as high as millions of dollars. Cucumbers also used for skin care and as a way to hydrate the skin, especially in warmer months of the year.

This because of the fact that they made of up to 95% water, and it makes them a very healthy and cheap hydration choice. Yes cucumbers are cheaper than most vegetables and the price of 1 ton cucumber is completely affordable for all international fruit importing and exporting companies. This is largely due to them being common in the world and their adaptive nature.

Which allows them to produced commercially in different regions of the world, with different climates and altitudes.

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