Best quality bell pepper for export

Bell peppers are an inseparable part of the international cuisines from all over the world, and have proved themselves to be one of the most popular vegetables in the world. Every year, Iranian farmers offer the best quality bell pepper for export and also for consumption in the local markets.

Different bell pepper colors

Bell peppers arrive at the markets in a variety of vibrant and beautiful colors with almost the same taste. This characteristic makes these vegetables ideal for food decoration and have attributed a lot to their increasing popularity worldwide. All the different colors of bell peppers actually come from the same plant and they all start from the color green.

As they stay on the plant for longer and move forward in stages of ripening, they will eventually turn yellow, orange, and finally red. However, there are some cultivars with colors such as brown, purple and even white.

Iranian bell peppers are from the highest quality of these bell peppers and the companies offer the best quality bell pepper for export


Health benefits of bell peppers

Besides being delicious, sweet bell peppers are among the healthiest common vegetables available worldwide and are packed full of different nutrients and vitamins which can help the human body in many different ways. Bell peppers are among the richest natural sources of vitamin C among vegetables.

Vitamin C is a natural anti-oxidant which boost the immune system and can help protect the body against many different diseases. They can also help regulate the blood pressure and reduce the risks of heart disease. These sweet bell peppers are also low in calories and cholesterol which makes them an ideal choice for anybody, including diabetes patients and people on low calorie diets.

Iranian bell peppers are also very healthy and farmers in the country offer the best quality bell pepper for export every year.


Iranian bell pepper production

Iran is the largest producer of bell peppers in the Middle East and supplies the local and international markets every year. Bell peppers have the ability to be grown in both open farms and greenhouses. This fact, made it possible to produce high quality bell peppers all year long and in different regions of the country.

Many people believe the greenhouse products to be unnatural and less valuable, both the opposite is true. Greenhouses make it possible to produce the vegetables in drier regions where fresh water sources are limited and reduces the usage of this precious liquid. It will also be much easier to control the temperature and protect the plants from illness and pests.

As a result, many greenhouse owners in Iran offer the best quality bell pepper for export and usage in the local markets of Iran.


Bell pepper exports from Iran

As the largest producer of sweet bell peppers in the Middle East and one of the top 10 producers of the world, Iran plays an important role in supplying the international fruit and vegetable markets in West Asia. Because of the fact that bell peppers are grown in both open farms and green houses, these vegetables are available all year long and are exported to many different countries like the united Arab Emirates, Russia, Iraq, and Pakistan.

Iranian sweet bell peppers are known in these markets for their high quality and amazing taste and are always in very high demands. Because of the short natural shelf life of the sweet bell peppers, most of the countries in the region prefer to supply their markets from Iranian sweet bell peppers. This trade, besides cutting down on transportation costs, will result in sweet bell peppers arriving to the markets as fresh as possible, and will also eliminate the need to use chemical preservatives and pesticides which will reduce the quality of the sweet bell peppers, and are actually harmful for humans, when consumed.

Most of the top fruit companies in Iran offer the best quality bell pepper for export all year long.

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