Wholesale price of Urmia grapes

Grapes are among the most popular fresh eating fruits that hit the international markets around September, and are a large part of the global agricultural trade. Iran and the city of Urmia are also large commercial producers and the wholesale price of Urmia grapes on the markets is suitable for imports.

Different grape cultivars

There thousands of different seeded and seedless grape cultivars with different characteristics being produced and consumed all over the world. The seedless grapes are popular for fresh consumption and are usually larger in size and sweeter in taste. They come in various colors and among the high quality grapes produced in the city of Urmia.

Seeded grapes are also used for fresh consumption. But mostly used for making high quality side products such as juices, vinegar, and grape extracts. Most of the grapes produced and exported from Urmia are from the seedless cultivars.

Also the wholesale price of Urmia grapes largely depends on the type of cultivar and the transportation costs.

Different grape cultivarsGrapes produced in Iran

Iran is the largest producer of grapes in the Middle East and also among the top ten commercial suppliers of these amazing fruits in the whole world. Every September, Iranian farmers and suppliers, produce millions of tons of high quality grapes. Most of these grapes distributed and consumed within the country, but there also a large portion exported.

There hundreds of different grape cultivars produced in different cities of Iran with different climates and farming conditions, with Urmia being one of the leading producers in Iran. The grapes produced in Urmia harvested with natural traditional farming methods which results in high quality organic fruits, which are perfect for fresh consumption.

The wholesale price of Urmia grapes also very suitable compared to their taste and quality.

Grapes produced in IranGrape health benefits

There are many different health benefits in consuming fresh grapes on a regular basis. These amazing fruits are an amazing natural source of anti-oxidants. The amount of anti-oxidants in these fruits largely depends on the type and color of the grapes, but nonetheless, they all filled with this amazing nutrient.

Anti-oxidants are the best natural way to boost the body’s immune system and can help protect you against common colds and flues in colder months of the year. Grapes have also proven to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and regulate the blood pressure. And the later can result in protection against heart diseases such as strokes as well.

The grapes produced in Iran also very healthy and the wholesale price of Urmia grapes nothing compared to all the amazing health benefits they contain. 

Grape health benefitsPackaging and exporting of grapes

Grapes are naturally fragile fruit and have a short shelf life. As a result, the packaging process for them is a very important step to make sure that the grapes will arrive at their destination as fresh and presentable as possible. The packaging must be strong enough to protect the products during all the stages of transportation. Also, constant contact with open air will boost the chemical reactions within the fruits and will result in them losing their freshness, so a proper package must keep the grapes away from open air.

Most of the packages used for grapes produced in Iran and Urmia produced from cardboard and plastic and take into account all the requirements and standards necessary. Also the packaging will affect the wholesale price of Urmia grapes. Most of the Iranian grapes are exported to Middle Eastern and neighboring countries. The largest customers of these high quality Iranian grapes are countries like Iraq, Pakistan, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates. There are also minor exports to other parts of the world.

Iranian grapes are very popular and in high demands on the international fruit and vegetable markets and have a very bright future.

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