Iranian Kiwi Fruit Supply and Export

Over the past few decades, the production and consumption of kiwis have increase on a global scale and many countries are producing them commercially. Iran is also among the top producers of the world and many active companies deal in Iranian kiwi fruit supply and export in the region.

Kiwis around the world

These amazing fruit with their vibrant green and golden color and the sweet taste, have found their place among the high demanding fruits on the international fruit and vegetable markets all over the world. Most of the world’s kiwis produced and consumed in China, but there are lots of countries in other parts of the world that produce the fruit on commercial scales.

New Zealand, Italy, and Iran are the leading producers of kiwis in the world after China and besides supplying their own markets, export large quantities of the fruit to other countries. The Iranian kiwi fruit supply and export is a large part of the country’s agricultural economy and is set to expand considerably over the next decades.

Kiwis around the worldHealth benefits of kiwifruit

One of the most important nutrients of the kiwis are found in their black seeds. Vitamin D a rare and valuable vitamin among fruits and vegetables and the black seeds of kiwis are filled with this amazing nutrient. Kiwis also contain more vitamin C than any other citrus. Vitamin C is an amazing natural anti-oxidant that can help the body in various ways.

It can boost the body’s immune system and protect you against common colds and flues in colder months of the year. It can also regulate the blood pressure and prevent heart diseases such as strokes and heart attacks. Overall, kiwis are amazing healthy fruits that suggested for everyone.

Unfortunately, they cannot grown in every country in the Middle East, but Iranian kiwi fruit supply and export has made sure that these markets filled with fresh products.

Health benefits of kiwifruitIranian kiwi production

Kiwis entered Iran only a couple of decades ago as a product to replace the citrus production in the north of Iran which was always accompanies by frost attacks and pests. But even in this short time, Iran has managed to become one of the largest producers of kiwis in the world, and the sole supplier of many markets in the Middle East and West Asia.

With more than 300000 tons of production every year, Iran currently ranks number four, on the global top producers of the fruit. Iranian kiwis also grown using natural traditional methods and are all organic. This fact have attributed to their popularity on the international fruits and vegetable markets as well.

Many active fruit companies in the country deal in Iranian kiwi fruit supply and export, and send these amazing fruits to many different regions of the world.

Iranian kiwi productionKiwi suppliers in the Middle East

Most of the countries in the Middle East do not have the appropriate humid and cool climate required to produce kiwis, and with the increasing global trend in these fruits, they forced to supply their markets with the products from commercially producing countries. Fortunately, Iranian kiwi fruit supply and export is there to save the day. As the largest producer of kiwis in the Middle East, and also one of the largest in the world, Iran is responsible for supplying most of the markets in the region.

Besides the high quality and the organic nature of the Iranian kiwis, another reason for these countries to choose Iran as their main supplier is the shorter distance. This makes the overall transportation process much shorter, easier, and cheaper. It will also eliminate the need to use chemical preservatives and pesticides which are harmful to humans, and makes sure that the products arrive at their destinations as fresh as possible. The companies will also be able to lower the final price of the kiwis and make these amazing fruits available for everyone.

Overall, Iranian kiwis are very popular on the international markets and the demands for them are constantly rising.

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