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Buy kiwi from Iran to other countries are increasing day by day due to the favorable weather conditions and soil in northern Iran. Production of this product in the provinces of Gilan, Mazandaran, Golestan has the highest quality. It should noted that the sales of Iranian export kiwis to Iraq, Russia, Turkey and Afghanistan have been very high.

Kiwi purchase price from Iran

The purchase price of kiwi depends on several factors. Kiwi buyers can make their purchases in person or online through the Vitarad collection to buy kiwi from Iran. The purchase price of kiwifruit and wholesale sales of kiwifruit vary across the country and fluctuate widely throughout the year.

The reason for this price difference is due to the difference in the quality and quantity of kiwi fruit. Also, the decrease and increase in the demand for purchases has a direct effect on the increase and decrease of the kiwi price. It should noted that North Haywi Kiwi very well known in the global Kiwi market, and this has caused a lot of customers and applicants in other countries.

And North Haywi Kiwi exported to many countries every year.

Kiwi purchase price from IranBuy kiwi from northern Iran

There are different types of kiwis in northern Iran for export, but the best-selling and best type of kiwifruit export in the world is kiwi Hayward. This breed is fully known in the domestic and foreign markets of Iran. Therefore, gardeners in Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan provinces have started to produce Hayward kiwis, and considering that the Kiwi Hayward species is fully compatible with the northern climate of the country, it accompanied by very good production.

Buy kiwi from Iran is on the rise every year, one of the most important reasons being the high quality of the products and the satisfaction of the buyers. As you know, the very good quality and taste of kiwi in northern Iran has led to trade in the sale of this export product to various countries, including Iraq, Russia, Turkey, Afghanistan, and it has a very good foreign exchange in the country.

Buy kiwi from northern IranBuy kiwi from Iran for export

The buy kiwi from Iran for export to neighboring countries has increased the production of this fruit in Iran. Because a large volume of domestic products considered for export. Therefore, the production of this delicious fruit should increased to meet the needs of the people inside the country. Kiwi harvest usually begins in early December.

But farmers and gardeners should aware that keeping this fruit not recommended after December 15, due to the risk of bird attacks and the onset of winter. Buying kiwi in bulk and online is very common today. Because with the advancement of technology and also the value of time, it is not necessary for the buyer of kiwi and kiwi traders to travel to different cities to receive the kiwi price list in order to get kiwi at a reasonable price and high quality.

Buy kiwi from Iran for exportWholesale sales of Iranian kiwi

Wholesale sales of Iranian kiwis in the form of kiwi sorting or without sorting in the form of buying kiwis from gardeners are done by the export kiwi sales center in the north of the country. To order an export kiwi, contact the sales expert of Vitarad collection. The main areas of kiwi production in Iran are the northern provinces. Due to the climate and also the quality of the soil for kiwi, the harvest of kiwi is very significant and also the sale of kiwi can supplied mainly in the domestic and foreign markets due to its durability in cold stores.

Due to the quality of kiwis produced in Iran, the sale of export kiwis in the market outside Iran also has a lot of customers. The largest amount buy kiwi from Iran is in Iraq, Russia, Turkey, India and Afghanistan. The expansion of kiwi fruit cultivation at the beginning of kiwi arrival in Gilan changed the use of paddy fields and turned it into a kiwi garden. The cultivation of this product was developed in such a way that only gardeners with capital were able to build a kiwi garden. Wholesale sales of kiwis in Iran are done at reasonable prices and high quality. So buyers should not worry about the quality of the products.

Because all Iranian products are first class and have a high quality.

Wholesale sales of Iranian kiwi

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