Iran apple fruit exporters to India

Iran apple fruit exporters are so active in the world.
Iran red apple is exported to more than 20 countries starting from October, some of which are small and some of which are target countries.

Iran has long been the main center of apple and grape production in the world and is still considered as the central hub of these products.

The main export of apple fruit and Iran apple fruit exporters from Urmia city in Iran has been more than 5 million $ every year, which can be a significant amount as the main center for selling apple trees in Iran.

Types of apples fruit in Iran

One of the countries that is known as a major producer and exporter of apple fruit in the world is Iran, where different varieties of this fruit are harvested in different seasons from the orchards of different regions and all of buyers searching about Iran apple fruit exporters.

The most important types of exports, which also have high sales for foreign markets each year, can be:

  • Red delicious
  • Golden delicious
  • Fuji
  • Gala
  • Granny Smith

    Iran apple fruit exporters

He pointed out that the harvest and export volumes of each of these apples are different for foreign markets. The highest demand of foreign customers to buy apple fruit is related to red and golden apples. If you examine the statistics of apple harvest in Iran, you will find that red and golden apples have the highest volume in this field, which is behind The export of these two varieties of apples is also higher than other species and export by Iran apple fruit exporters.

Iran red delicious apple exports in 2020 had the highest rate to countries such as India and Russia due to high harvests, very high quality and proper packaging in accordance with foreign market standards.

Iran red apple price in India

As mentioned earlier, India, as the largest country in the world, also has the largest food market. Every year, different types of fruits, vegetables and other foods enter the Indian market from all over the world.

One of the products that had the highest sales among fruits was red delicious apple. Iran is also one of the major exporters of this fruit to India.

Iran apple fruit exporters

The export of Iran red apples to the Indian market has increased every year and the selling price of Iranian apples in the Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai market has been very competitive, so that most citizens of this country choose Iranian apples to buy.

The main reason for this is the special taste and quality of Iranian apples, which fortunately in recent years with the growth of exports of agricultural products, we have seen that in addition to apple fruit, other Iranian fruits and vegetables have also seen many fans.

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