Red delicious apples import to India

The best type of red apple obtained from orchards in the mountainous regions of Iran, so Red delicious apples import to India from Iran. If you look at the geographical area where the apple-populated areas located, you will find that they all located in the cold highlands of Iran.

The best red apple in Iran and exported to other countries

In export red apple sales, apple weight plays an important role. If you have already exported this fruit to different countries, it is well known that each country imports a certain weight of this product from Iran depending on its market needs. The fruit usually packed in a basket, but some countries require apples in cartons.

For example, red delicious apples to India, weighing from 3 to 5 grams of this red fruit generally demanded as a 2-row arrangement in the basket ready to exported to India. This different for different countries, and for example, for Russia, the arrangement exported in red carton.

In addition to supplying the domestic market, Vitarad provides fruit traders and importers with.

The best red apple in Iran and exported to other countriessome of the red apple products.

A number of Iranian native apple varieties
Apple Rose (Isfahan Rose, Torbat Heydariyeh Rose, Shahriyar Rose, Shiraz Rose, Kohan Rose, Sahneh Rose)
Apple Mashhad (Apple Abbasi Mashhad, Narcissus Mashhad, Yellow Autumn Mashhad, Late Mashhad, Mashhad Jam, Mashhad Apple, Apple Mori Khorasan)

  • Ardebil apple
  • Apple Ahar (Ahryashki, Ahar Summer Apple)
  • Tabriz (Apple Sheikh Ahmad Tabriz, Tabriz Glass)
  • Maragheh apple (Mashhad Nouri apple of Maragheh)
  • Isfahan Religion
  • Nion Oranges
  • Khorsijan apple
  • Red Rezaei
  • Apple Sultan Shabestar
  • Shiraz English
  • Good Shepherd
  • Kashan Sugar Apple
  • Apples Haji Karaj
  • You’re dead
  • Gypsy neighborhoods

(Diamonds, Baked Apples, Apple Heydarzadeh (Ghar Yaprak), Khalkhal, Daryan, Roin, Soltani, Shafiabadi, Shemirani, Golshahi, Gemy Diamond, Qarpuzalma, Ghandak)
You have studied a number of varieties of native apples of Iran, which are red delicious apples import to India and Pakistan from of the best kind.

some of the red apple products.Different types of apples

There are more than 7500 known apple varieties. Apple varieties, even when grown from an underground stem, differ in crop yield and final tree size. Famous varieties of soft commerical apples are, however, crisp. Other favored qualities in the new commercial apple cultivation methods colored skin, no brown skin, ease of transportation, long-term storage capacity, high yields, disease-resistance, general apple shape, and excellent taste.

New apples are sweeter than old apples because the general taste of apples has changed over time. Most North Americans and Europeans are fond of sweet and sour, but a significant minority are also fond of sour apples.
Very sweet apples with a slightly sour taste are more popular in Asia and India, especially the red delicious apples import to India.

Old varieties often have a strange shape, brown skin, various textures and colors.

Different types of applesWhich regions in Iran have the most red apples?

Pakistan, Russia, Afghanistan and India are among the buyers of Iranian Red and Apple Apples Exports, which the Whartar Exports Company, if the customer confirms it purchase with the company’s sales unit and requests to export this product, purchased the product. Export to the country of destination and deliver to the final customer.

Note that the vitarad Agricultural Exports Company only provides export services to customers who have made their purchase from the company. Vitarad Company annually guarantees a certain volume of apple orchard production from Orumiyeh, Maragheh, Mianeh, Damavand and Semirom, importing some of it directly to its customers in neighboring Iran. red delicious Imports apples to India and Pakistan from Iran are being made every year.

Provides another section to Iranian agricultural and commercial companies that deal independently with these countries’ fruit markets. The reason for the long shelf-life of apples in the cold also because the fruit cold and can stored for a long time at temperatures close to zero degrees.

The regions of Semirom, Damavand and Orumiyeh, Mianeh and Maragheh also produce the finest quality of delicious red apples in Iran.

Which regions in Iran have the most red apples?Iran is the fourth country exporting apple tree to India

Red delicious apples import to India starting from September. In addition to the apple tree, kiwi is also imported into the country this month. According to statistics, Iran is the fourth country exporting apple tree to India. These statistics can be increased. If there is good marketing in this country. Iran’s red apple can have a great deal on the Indian market. The apple of the red Iranian tree has a special taste due to its organic nature. India is one of the buyers of apple in Iran, every year more than 5,000 tons are exported.

Iran is the fourth country exporting apple tree to IndiaIranian Red delicious apples Clients:

Iranian apples of red delicious customers like to buy the most quality product. The countries of India, Russia, Ukraine, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and some countries each year buy the best apples in different currencies. Now, if you want to buy the best Iranian red and golden delicious apples. The company has a large refrigerator for storage and packaging. And are ready to cooperate with foreign companies in different countries.

Iranian Red delicious apples Clients:Terms of cooperation with foreign customers:

Terms of cooperation with foreign customers are different from the volume of purchases. Vitarad trading exports various types of agricultural products under negotiated terms. We deliver our apples trees to our customers in Iran’s outlet ports or ports of destination. Terms of payment will also be in accordance with the International Trade. For more information, you can view the company’s facilities in Iran. Our advisors are ready to deliver on sales, packaging and exports.

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